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I write fantasy, inviting you to escape into a world where the Elements enchant. This is where you can read my thoughts on books that I have read.

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Disjointed Lives

Disjointed Lives - Morgan Sheppard

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REVIEW BY AMY - Of Land and Sky (Wraidd Elfennol #3) by Morgan Sheppard

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Of Land and Sky - Morgan Sheppard

The balance of the Elements is once more in doubt, and new Chosen are called. They need to find the will to succeed, or the unseen enemy from years gone by may have the advantage.

The Wheel of the Year has had many cycles - and the folk of Wraidd Elfennol have lived in peace since the age of Marella, Kai, Daren, and Lani. All the Elements have been in perfect harmony with each other.

All that is about to change, with new Chosen called to represent their Element and to find nine sacred branches.

Bran and Rhosyn need to work together to restore the balance between Earth and Air… and maybe find out just who they are meant to be.

Full of myth and magic, with a strong Welsh theme, Of Land and Sky continues the Fantasy series set in the imaginary world of Wraidd Elfennol.


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Anyone fancy a trip into #Wraidd_Elfennol? #Epic #Fantasy, #Myth_and_Magic

#Epic #Fantasy #Myth_and_Magic

Enter the world of #Wraidd_Elfennol and find great gifts for your friends or treat yourself.


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✰ Water Weaver ✰
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(Book 1)
"As an epic fantasy it brings in all the great parts of quest legend"

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(Prequel Novella) #99c
"This is a wonderfully crafted prequel to Water Weaver"

#Young_Adult #Fantasy #Epic #Myth_and_Magic

Escape to where the Elements enchant!! Which Elements call to you?


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BLOG TOUR, REVIEW & #GIVEAWAY - The Waterfall Traveler by S.J. Lem

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The Waterfall Traveler: Book 1 - S.J. Lem, Aaron S. Kaiserman
All eighteen-year-old Ri wants is to cure her adoptive father Samuel from his hallucination-inducing illness. Everyone in her village tells her it’s impossible. But when she meets two newcomers in the forest—a gruff rogue with a vendetta against the gods and a charming fugitive who saves her life—she’ll be torn away from Samuel and swept across the sea to an oppressive city governed by a ruthless tyrant. Once there, she’ll not only have to confront Samuel’s unlawful past, but a vicious evil that threatens all mankind.
In this tale of bravery, friendship, and unforeseen love, Ri risks it all to save those she cares for. But if she prevails, she’ll find the one thing she yearns for most—a cure for Samuel.



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Secret Wood
Secret Wood

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#TeaserTuesday - from OF LAND & SKY
#TeaserTuesday - from OF LAND & SKY

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Marella - Morgan Sheppard

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#GIVEAWAY - Marella (Wraidd Elfennol, #0.5) by Morgan Sheppard

Marella - Morgan Sheppard

To celebrate Rhosyn's birthday on 1st February, I am offering three copies of the novella that started it all - Marella. This is the prequel which leads onto Water Weaver.


The winners will receive a Smashwords coupon with which they can download the eBook for free in any format they require. A review would be appreciated, but not necessary!


I hope you enjoy your time in the World of Wraidd Elfennol...

#Spotlight & #Interview with Jamie Summer

Dalysian Hope - Jamie Summer

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