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I write fantasy, inviting you to escape into a world where the Elements enchant. This is where you can read my thoughts on books that I have read.

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Fire in the Rain finds trouble once more in the island of Wraidd Elfennol. Will the Chosen of Fire and Water succeed? Or is the Island of Wraidd Elfennol doomed to live forever beneath the shadows of Cysgod?

Full of myth and magic, with a strong Welsh theme, Fire in the Rain brings to a close the Fantasy series set in the imaginary world of Wraidd Elfennol.

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#StrangeDream last night. I was in a futuristic bar and Pete Postlethwaite was my waiter who stole my tuna steak before I had finished!

Today, we'll be going over to the house to continue with the cleaning but also to hopefully start painting!
What are your plans?

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TOUR, EXCERPT & #GIVEAWAY - The Last Scoop (Clare Carlson #3) by R.G. Belsky

The Last Scoop (Clare Carlson #3) - R.G. Belsky

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Martin Barlow was Clare Carlson’s first newspaper editor, a beloved mentor who inspired her career as a journalist. But, since retiring from his newspaper job, he had become a kind of pathetic figure—railing on about conspiracies, cover-ups, and other imaginary stories he was still working on. Clare had been too busy with her own career to pay much attention to him. When Martin Barlow is killed on the street one night during an apparent mugging attempt gone bad, it seems like he was just an old man whose time had come. But Clare—initially out of a sense of guilt for ignoring her old friend and then because of her own journalistic instincts—begins looking into his last story idea. As she digs deeper and deeper into his secret files, she uncovers shocking evidence of a serial killer worse than Son of Sam, Ted Bundy, or any of the other infamous names in history. This really is the biggest story of Martin Barlow’s career—and Clare’s, too—as she uncovers the path leading to the decades-long killer of at least twenty young women. All is not as it seems during Clare’s relentless search for this serial killer. Is she setting herself up to be his next victim?


#BookoftheMonth - Wind Warrior(World Aflame #1)by Jon Messenger

Wind Warrior (World Aflame) - Jon Messenger

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First things first, I thoroughly enjoyed this story! There were parts that didn't quite sit straight with me but, on the whole, I found this to be a great read.

Xander is a twenty-year-old college student who doesn't know what he wants to major in. He is best-friends with Sean, and has some sort of weird relationship with Jessica, a sorority president. He lives at home and doesn't have a job. His life changes when he suddenly gains some powers over the Air.

I loved the Elemental aspect of this book. No surprise to some of you, I'm sure. I thought the part that says only one Element can live on the earth at one time was a good one. I'm not completely sure why Fire is always cast as the bad guy but there you go. 

Sammy (a Fire Elemental) is a very intriguing character and I would love to learn more about her backstory. A lot goes on with her in this story and I can't wait to see where she goes next.

This was an easy read that kept me turning the pages. Like I said, some of it didn't quite fit with the background/story but not enough to disrupt my reading. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a YA/NA Elemental story!

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“You only get one chance to make a first impression.”
When Charlie Lawrence meets his neighbor, it’s not good.
Lanie Kelly is a small town girl who loves contemporary rock n’ roll; lives the night owl life; and craves peace and quiet.
Charlie is a city boy who loves country western music; sunrise walks with his dogs; and woodworking with his collection of power tools.
They share a driveway and little else.
Sparks fly as summer heats up and a thunderstorm drops a tree on Charlie’s house. As their relationship begins to blossom, a fifty year old family feud and a toxic ex-lover test its strength.
With hearts and homes on the line, Lanie and Charlie must decide to give up or…
Get Away Closer.
I'm hoping to use this time when I can't write by re-doing some things, one of which is my website.
Have you visited there? What did you think? What would you like to see there? What would you change?
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Broken Masterpiece by Tee Smith ~~FREE~ Limited time only.
When nothing makes sense, who do you trust?
With no memory of her past, Charlie has no choice but to cling to what she knows, and what she’s been told. But what if none of that is real?
Desperate for answers, she searches for remnants of the life she had. Her last memory was more than ten years ago. She has a husband who loves her, a nice home in the suburbs, but she can’t shake the feeling he is hiding something.
What if everyone she trusts have their own agenda?
As her memory returns and the lies become known, there is no way of going back.
Sometimes not knowing the truth can be a blessing, rather than a curse.
Broken Masterpiece is a story of violence, manipulation and above all else, survival.
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Cover Reveal by S.H. Pratt


It's APRIL!!! That means we've completed one quarter of the year already! It doesn't seem possible to me. Anyway, here's my miniature panther doing her Bagheera impression.
#BookoftheMonth - Dragon's Blood (The Dragon Fey Saga #3) by Michelle Rabe - #Fantasy, #Romance
Dragon's Blood is the last book (so far) in this saga but it ends on one heck of a cliffhanger so I will be searching to see when (or if) the next book is due.
Love a book? Leave a review or rating!! PLEASE!!!!!
Love a book? Leave a review or rating!! PLEASE!!!!!

Marella and her best friend, Daren, are going for their Test. At this time of their lives, when their paths are about to take them to different places, will they get what they wish for?


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Do you know the difference between Compliment and Complement?
Do you know the difference between Compliment and Complement?
Hannah and her best friend Jane complement each other perfectly. Hannah loves to tell jokes and Jane loves to laugh, so their personalities are very complementary. Meanwhile, Hannah likes to try different types of food and Jane likes to cook, so in this respect their characters also complement each other.
When Hannah tells a funny joke, Jane always compliments her. Likewise, when Jane prepares a delicious meal, Hannah compliments her too. Both girls' compliments are always very complimentary!
Once, Jane told Hannah that having her as a friend was almost like having a sister. Hannah said this was this nicest compliment she has ever received. Hannah returned the compliment, and told Jane that she complemented her perfectly.
The two girls are having a dinner tomorrow to celebrate their friendship. They are going to serve homemade pizza, which will be complemented by strawberry ice cream. They hope that their friends compliment the meal!